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Fish Chunk Pasta Sauce – Oil-Free

Gallbladder Diet Friendly: No meat, no oil, no dairy, no eggs, no nuts. Rich in tomatoes, fish, garlic.

Recent dietary changes eliminating most fat from oil and meat have forced us to redefine our cooking. I wanted to see how the absence of the traditional browning of the garlic in olive oil would change the flavor of this sauce. Apparently that didn’t do much damage as the sauce turned out flavorful even without the fish which was added in the last few minutes.

Tuna and salmon cubes in tomato, capers, mushrooms, olives and fresh oregano over pasta.

Tuna and salmon cubes in tomato, capers, mushrooms, olives and fresh oregano over pasta.

The sauce is light and briny due to the capers and olives. The mushrooms add a nice touch to the texture and consistency, while the fish serves only as a bonus to munch on atop the dish.

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Woodside Birthday Dinner

The mark of true food fanatic is when there are more pictures of food than people in a given gathering. We attended a birthday dinner at a friend’s house in Woodside, Queens. Her mother was in town from Japan, and she always makes us a nice homemade meal with some delicacies she flies in from Tokyo and manages to get through customs.  We don’t complain. We eat. We also laugh and toast, celebrating happy occasions and transplanted families.

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Crispy Salmon Over Arugula, Radish and Avocado

In a bind, it always helps to have some basic things handy to make a light and nutritious meal. For us it was a slab of frozen Alaskan salmon we’ve kept in the freezer for a few weeks, some endives (they keep surprisingly well), and other stragglers in the fridge.

Pretty, pretty, yum, yum:   Seared crispy salmon and candied kumquat over avocado, endive, red radish, arugula.

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Easter Dinner – Vegetable Sinigang and Sesame Beef

It was Easter and we wanted to feed our dear friends, so we brought over a pot of stew and some vegetables to prepare for dinner. We love feeding friends, especially those who love to eat what we serve, and are always open to some kind of adventure.

These friends once made us their twist on our own national dish, adobo with coconut milk! After much skepticism we were very much impressed and even entertained the possibility of including it in our arsenal of adobo variations.

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A bowl of vegetable sinigang

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Sesame Portabella Mushrooms Over Vermicelli

I reused it again. I just can’t get enough of my Sesame Shortrib sauce that I routinely find myself saving it for future dishes. This time there weren’t any meat pieces left so I sauteed some portabella mushrooms in onions and soy sauce to give a meaty consistency and put it on top of vermicelli before drizzling the reheated leftover sauce. The Vietnamese Pickled Daikon and Carrots broke the richness perfectly as well.

I love honoring a dish twice!

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