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Pet Photography: Greta

This is our dog Greta who turns eleven this year. She enjoys chasing her brother Simon
and making introspective poses for the camera.
She also likes to look very bored when you are watching sports.

Or while she is waiting for dinner.
She loves staring contests.
And the park.
And smelling what other people have brought to eat.
Basically, she just enjoys life.
And loves family.
Greta is the best dog ever. 

Oia, Santorini: Taverna at the Bottom of the Cliff

Oia is a hilltop town in Santorini, Greece

The trek down to the water may be steep and cumbersome
especially in the evening when there is no light.
Some people ride mules to get down.

There are several tavernas at the bottom, as one can see to the right.

We chose one that had octopus grilling in the glare of the setting sun.

And a view of the sunset cruise.

Grilled octopus to share.

Hummus and tzatziki delights.

A couple of grilled whole fish.

Alternative Views: Greece

Candyman, Athens
Dog is Love. Athens.
The first taverna. Athens.
Nothing behind the door. Athens.
Siklo. Oia, Santorini.
Good dog, bad boy. Oia, Santorini.
A View of a Dog with a View.
I Saw Red. Oia, Santorini.
Bougainvilleas. Oia.
Rays Versus Rays. Oia.
Babulas Taverna’s Octopus Sail. Mykonos.
Typical Stoop. Mykonos.
Baby, raise your glass. Caldera, Santorini.

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Style Elements: Woodside

Style Elements is a special section where I feature photos I take of objects that capture my eye in people’s homes or in public spaces. 

Style elements of the Doenjang Chigae Dinner at Woodside.

Colorful ornaments.
Wooden soldiers plate with fried shishito pepper.
Black and white combinations.
Rocker components.
White lighting.
Art by Mamiko Otsubo.
“Togo” couch by Ligne Roset.
Vertical lines.
Dicot green on white.
Lighting elements.
Bonus points for translation.
Hanging mirror.
Optical play.
Old neighborhood poster.
Art by Mamiko Otsubo.
The functional fridge.
More holiday spirit.
Laguiole knife set.
Cool rocker.
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