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Salad Pizza on Focaccia

Focaccia is an Italian-style flatbread that is similar to thick crust pizza in taste in consistency, and is often found piled high in Italian specialty shops. This is precisely where R found them when she decided to make pizza out of the bread. She bought some fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and dried oregano, and ran home.

The result was a refreshing mix of fresh and nutty arugula flavors, the bite and savoriness of the prosciutto, and the creaminess of the fresh mozzarella atop a soft and tasty piece of bread with crunchy edges. Continue reading

Homemade Panizza

During a recent trip to Manila, I fell in love with what is supposedly a purely Philippine phenomenon: the panizza, thin crust pizza filled with greens and sprouts and rolled into a bite-size piece of crunch perfection. Having been unsuccessful at locating a nearby source for this creation in NYC, my good spouse decided that she would make one of her own.

Enter the roll-up wrap which as available in grocery stores for use in making your more conventional wraps. On the package there is a photo of its use as pizza crust, which gave us the idea that we could create panizzas of our own. Continue reading

The Lasagna Story

I was thirteen when I started making lasagna, if only as a continued tribute to this story. Miss Samonte was the name of my Foods class teacher in high school, and junior year was all about baking. After classes that taught us how to make pinwheel cookies and pigs in a blanket, the final recipe was lasagna. We made the pasta with flour, eggs, a lot of mess, and a rolling pin. The weekend after that class, I attempted to replicate it at home.


After a day’s work of rolling and boiling lasagna noodles and making the two sauces for the dish, the house smelled of flavors we all had only previously smelled in restaurants. Surely the youngest daughter of this family didn’t just make lasagna from scratch! But I did, and I pulled the rectangular dish out of the oven too eagerly. Its slipped from my mittened hands and broke into pieces on the floor! Tears welled up in my eyes as I stared at the globs of noodles, sauce and cheese, and smelled the aromas wafting in my face. The shards of thick glass protruded from the heap of ruined lasagna. I ran away from the scene and locked myself in the bathroom for hours. Continue reading

Easy Tomato Soup

We had inherited some friends’ CSA vegetable share over the summer and it always came with tons of tomatoes. After several weekends spent making and drinking salsa as if it were gazpacho, we decided to try our luck at making homemade tomato soup. Restaurants always make them so hearty, rich and steamy, and so we were determined to make our own.

Hot, hearty, and mine. Now it’s yours to make too!

Fresh tomatoes from a nearby CSA.

We began with a bunch of ripe tomatoes, chopped coarsely. Continue reading

Black Radish Chips

A very slight hint of winter just appeared in the air this morning, and pretty soon you might encounter the black radish (also known as black Spanish, black Spanish round, or in French, Gros Noir d’Hiver) and like I did, wonder what it is. Is it a beet, a radish, a potato, or simply an adventure?

I found it at the Food Coop and grabbed it without any plans for its consumption. I come home with my loot often with surprises – oddly shaped crop I’d have to consult Google on how to prepare, strange grains and fruit – and enough hope to create a healthy, unique meal to share.

Black radishes are apparently an Eastern European staple, but have recently been sighted in many a CSA harvest and local farmer’s markets. They rarely make it to mainstream supermarkets because their taste is even more unpopular than the Japanese radish daikon (labanos in Tagalog), which could be bitter when prepared incorrectly. The meat of the black radish is completely white, but sharp and spicy, earning it the name “French horseradish.” I looked up ways to prepare it and the easiest one that came up was to bake slivers of them as chips! Continue reading

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